Cool Site Awards

EasyScopes has received numerous awards during the last 5 years. However we've also presented our own award to the best horoscope and astrology sites on the Internet. Each site has been awarded in a special area. Read on to find out who received our award and who presented an award to EasyScopes.

EasyScopes Cool Site Award

EasyScopes Award for Unique Writing Style
Kramer, Fishing Guide to the Stars

EasyScopes Award for Great Graphics
Adze MiXXe

EasyScopes Award for "Mother of All Horoscope Sites"
Jonthan Cainer's Forecasts

EasyScopes Award for Technology
Astro Advice

EasyScopes Award for Continuality
Homepagers Daily Horoscopes

EasyScopes received these fine awards!

Open Directory Cool Site Award Cosmic Site of the Night Award Cool Site of the Hour

Gar award CelebIndex Award ABC Parenting 3 Star Site

1997 Fashion Award Ace Award Critical Mass Award

Chris' World Award

(We've received a couple of other awards, however those award sites are gone by now or have changed their rating system...)